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Listed below, you'll see links to the different dog- and cat-related products we're offering.

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Our (mostly unusual!) things
for things with paws:

'go-pet' dog / cat strollers

'Forester' camouflage coats

'Hi-Viz' pet hi-visibility jackets

'Flexibowl' folding travel bowls

'Reflector' heat-reflecting coats

'Dinky' and 'Dotty' dog/cat carry bags

'Poo-ch' poo bag holder and dispenser

'Super Skamper-Ramp' boat / pool ramp

'Keep-Kleen' car boot and rear seats covers

Hair-raiser 'Duo' grooming / de-shedding tool

Hair-raiser 'Solo' grooming / de-shedding tool

'Bak-Pak' pannier, saddle-bag, training, back-pack

Up-Buoy 'Classic' range of dog life jackets

Up-Buoy '4u' range of dog life jackets

'Power-Glide' all-terrain towing wagon

Training whistle and ID tube tag

'Top Dog' dog flight jackets

'Keep Cool' cooling coats

Labrador mannequins

'Animate' dog coats

'Slimline' dog coats

and, although if you're easily offended don't look,
or if you're easily offended and do look
then don't complain:

'The dog's bollocks' greeting cards range!

We've been Humbled!

Kate Humble

So there we were, standing in a field near Usk (where's that? ed.), when who should stumble across the paw-things.com gazebo but former star presenter of Springwatch and Autumnwatch herself, the delightful Kate Humble.

Without hesitation Kate responded to our request for a piccy by picking up a new friend and posing happily for us. She really is as nice in real life as she appears on the screen. Thanks Kate!

And finally...

paw-things mutt-erings

An occasional blog for random comments and thoughts in relation to our products - or whatever else we want to moan about!

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